Head of Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Take your career to the next level in a key role in a global business within a world-leading CSR organization


The EUSL Group is a member-driven organization that works for the local community and focus on solutions targeted at the business sector. Our goal is to solve Europe’s integration challenges by making it attractive for the SME- sector, regardless of size and branch, to work with people in exclusion. The core in our business is the ISO26000 standard for CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, from where we have developed unique types of concepts which allows us to create change towards stronger and more sustainable societies.


The EUSL Group acts together with the local community and focus on business solutions from where education and employment are the foundation to small and medium business sectors.

The EUSL Group has established a new sector of business with focus on diversity, inclusion and integration. As part of the global goals where we define exclusion as a person who have been unemployed at least 30 days. We are committed to care and continuously develop our members and employees, as well as using our knowledge to create a sustainable future.



Challenge and opportunity

This is a role for the multi-talented! You will touch upon all the areas diversity and inclusion in this position, with an emphasis on developing and leading the implementation of short- and long-term strategies, both in the division and at Group level. We are currently working on bringing more structure and alignment to our practices, and you will be part of the challenging but exciting future shaping diversity and Inclusion strategy at the EUSL Group.  You will work closely with the Human Resource Manager. You must also be comfortable with operating and work with others remotely, and to foster collaboration in policies and initiatives. The Development Manager of Diversity and Inclusion will be leading from the front to promote diversity and inclusion across the organisation, engaging with both members and employees.

Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities

The Development Manager of Diversity and Inclusion will have responsibility for all activities to the strategic and tactical arts of the in conjunction with EUSL Group.

  • We think that you are used to working closely with the business, balancing the needs of our operations with the needs of our people.
  • You are a strategic but pragmatic character, who knows both how to listen and how to influence and engage. You are a confident communicator.
  • Work along with HR Manager to develop our CSR-model.
  • Help promote a culture that accepts all, and releases people to their full potential.
  • Assist in teams to getting involved with key relations.
  • Ensure strategy delivery through advice and support.
  • Work with resourcing to attract talent from diverse backgrounds.
  • Design and delivery of inclusive training programs and coaching.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of diversity though great communications.
  • Gaining member insights and developing inclusive strategy to meet needs.
  • Ensure services are accessible and fair for all.
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in everyday working routine at all levels.
  • Support organizational values and aims, representing them in every interaction.
  • Complying with policy and reviewing procedure to ensure effectiveness.


In order to succeed in this position, we would need you to have/be


The person we are looking for is strongly goal oriented, curious and eager to learn. You will get the chance to have a real impact on our success story and see the results of your work spread across the globe.

  • Our organization requires and values great self-discipline and a natural talent to develop results and communicate.
  • 5+ years of successful proven track record in diversity and inclusion Management or equivalent and preferably experience from working in an NGO structure.
  • You have a relevant degree, and several years of experience working as Development Manager of Diversity and Inclusion or similar role.
  • You want to create your own framework rather than having everything available from day one.
  • Ability to influence, create and work within cross-functional environment. Developing and empowering both members and people.
  • You’ll have a desire to influence culture and strategy, working with resourcing, communications and teams, to ensure excellent, fair services.
  • You’ll be strongly motivated by beeing passionate and proactive in raising awareness of responsibility, with a desire to bring your previous experience in promoting strategies to the table.
  • In order to achieve a good balance in life, you have an integrated structure in planning, executing and documenting.
  • Fluent in English and Swedish, both in writing and orally.


About us

We are an organization where our core values are defined by our team members. EUSL believe that for you to succeed you must be able to have a private life, while at the same time you must be dedicated your work. We value your integrity and offer a plethora of benefits. Most important are our employees’ well-being and Care to Change the World TM.

Join us and be part of our diverse team.


Apply by following

Attach a brief text about your work experience and why you apply for this position to umea@se.euslgroup.eu 

Please mark your application with “Head of Diversity and Inclusion” and state your salary inquiry in your CV. For more information about the position contact CEO, Michael Bertilsson

Phone +46 (0)19-760 6713. Email: michael.bertilsson@se.euslgroup.eu